A PIT Start (not a pit stop)

It should be startling that less than 5% of federal government employees are between the ages of 22-29.

Are young people even wise?

Young professionals are capable of helping governments overcome pressing societal issues by proactively using data and technology to better deliver governmental services in this digital age. The next generation of leaders in our government need robust, holistic, and interdisciplinary academic training and curriculum to prepare them for the public interest tech workforce.

PIT Start is your online resource for academic courses, syllabi, and university information to help you create a clear academic pathway preparing you for a job in public interest technology. 

What the heck is PIT?

In recent years, governments have increasingly begun approaching service delivery with modern technology, software development, and service design principles. This has led to creation of digital teams in government. Because the field of digital services or public interest technology is still relatively new overall, there are limited professional resources for workers and limited capacity for governments to meet their needs.

Most U.S. government offices do not presently have standardized roles, position descriptions, career ladders, and training for digital service workers, and while there are some established professional associations or activities outside the government, most aren’t currently designed for public interest technology workers.

So, let’s get you started.

Our Syllabi Database is meant to provide prospective, undergraduate, and graduate students with the academic information they need to establish skills for public interest technology in government.

Our Database is powered by Airtable and is updated monthly, making sure to include the most relevant course syllabi and academic program information.

If you have any feedback or related resources, please reach out to us!

PIT Syllabi Database